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Last arrangements with Mans Unides for Maó + Flors

Yesterday the group of 3rd ESO went to the Mans Unides delegation that is located in our city, Maó. All students helped the NGO to finalise the last details for Maó + Flors, which will start this Friday 18th May in the capital of Menorca.

It has been a pleasure for us to have had the opportunity to join the organization since we really had fun while we were doing all kinds of arts and crafts. It has been a wonderful experience!




It’s opera time!

A week ago 1st, 2nd and 3rd ESO students went to the Orfeó Maonès to enjoy of “Hi havia una vegada l’òpera…”, a theatrical performance which was addressed to different schools in Menorca.

The play was about a music teacher who taught the story of the opera to a girl who was very interested in this field. Thus, Cormar students could learn about the origins of opera as well as about its main authors. Besides, they had a brilliant time while listening to the major works of this form of theatre in which music has a leading role.

Poema musical

Els alumnes han fet un projecte on l’objectiu era donar una nova visió dels poemes clàssics que existeixen de grans autors com Pablo Neruda, Francisco de Quevedo o Rubén Dario. Els alumnes podien recitar o  cantar el poema en format rap, per exemple. Altres formats i ritmes musicals també eren benvinguts. Ha estat una experiència molt enriquidora pels alumnes, ja que han pogut expressar uns emotius poemes d’una forma diferent i amena.



Today 3rd ESO students have reflected on how music makes them feel. In the English subject, as well as in some others, this course is carrying out a project about music therapy.

While we were brushing up some vocabulary about feelings and emotions, we have made the most of the time in class to listen to different music genres. All the students had to try to identify a feeling to every song that they were listening to at the moment.

In conclusion, it has been a great idea to make students realize that music can easily change our mood since it has the power to transmit a wide range of different emotions to all of us.

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Audició pedagògica a l’ orgue de Santa Maria

Ara que a l’àrea de música estem estudiant el Barroc  hem anat a veure l’ orgue de Santa Maria. L’ organista Tomé Olives ens ha explicat moltes curiositats sobre aquest instrument que és un dels més importants d’ Europa, hem escoltat com sonava i fins i tot l’ hme pogut tocar,…Tornarem!DSC_1874